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Three dinners, one martini

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“The more you celebrate your life, the more there is to celebrate.” Oprah Winfrey

This week-end? One month into the vaccinated life? Almost felt normal.

Friday night was our first time out to our favorite restaurant in Eldredge, seated in their open area. First time in over a year. We settled in the back corner, reconnected with all of our favorite waitresses, and it felt like a slice of heaven. I ordered my favorite martini, the grape ape, which tastes just like grape Kool-aid, and a spicy maki tuna. 

“Every Friday night at seven this summer,” I declared to Corb. “We are holding court right here. Maybe we will invite other people. It doesn’t matter.”

Then we went home so that I could torture him with a bad Hollywood movie musical, a tradition we started two months into the pandemic. Every Friday night at ten o’clock, I announce the movie on Facebook and Corb and I provide color commentary until Corb passes out. This week was “The Beautiful Blonde from Bashville Bend” starring Better Grable. I loved it. Corb hated it, although less than last week’s entry, Calamity Jane.

Saturday night we ended up driving to the Cape Cod canal for a four mile walk, then we drove to Corb’s favorite restaurant (they serve fabulous turkey croquettes), only to find it wasn’t open. Disappointed beyond words, Corb and I drove into Falmouth, unable to agree on a place to eat. WE ARE TERRIBLE WHEN IT COMES TO AGREEING ON RESTAURANTS! We drive by a place, kind of agree but by then it’s too late, never turn back, cannot agree for five more restaurants, then drive past another…rinse, lather, repeat. Finally we agreed on a wonderful little Greek restaurant named Estia on Main Street. The spanokopita was terrific and there were big slices of feta cheese. A two man Greek band played near us. I drank a fig martini. It reminded Corb of his mini-trip to Greece while he was working in Bulgaria.

Sunday night, after a day spent working outside doing yard work, no martinis, no fancy meal, but a nice dinner out at Texas Roadhouse with Corb’s mother, who is going through a lot with Jim, who has been hospitalized for a month and I frankly am worried about. The best they can tell, he came down with full body shingles which has done a number to his system. Ironically, he had turned down the shingles  vaccine two months beforehand, saying he never gets a flu shot, why should he get that? It’s really sad. Jim has such a wonderful, one of a kind spirit. He is what I aspire to be at 85. 

Oh! And free irises and lilies from the garden of my ear friend Heather, and the best part of all? We’re both vaccinated, so I could give her a big huge hug. 

All in all? These are days. I could go for an entire summer of this. It’s nice to take baby steps towards normality again.   

–May 17, 2021

Author: TJ Alexian

T.J. Alexian lives in Attleboro, Massachusetts in a renovated green Victorian, along with seven ghosts and his long-time (and long-suffering) partner. He also has three kids and one spiritual kid, and their stories and their spirit form the heart and soul of his novel, Pictures of You. A profiled author in the Writer's Digest book Writer with a Day Job and an award-winning communications specialist, Pictures of You is Alexian's first novel, although he has two more being prepared for distribution: The Late Night Show and Confessions of a Diva Rotundo. Pictures of You is a young adult thriller that combines Alexian's love for social media with the macabre. A ghost story for the dispossessed, the novel tells the story of a young girl haunted by events in her past that never seem to die. But more than that, the novel is about being heard, about giving voice to voices that don't fit the norm. Some that lack the courage...and some, that hide in the shadows.

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