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Pictures of You


Pictures of You

A story of a haunting. Of a memory that lingers. Of voices that hide in the shadows.

Living your life on video is fine, as long as you’ve got complete control. But what if one day you wake up and discover videos you didn’t know existed have gone public? That’s what happens to self-professed video geek, Ashes16, whose real-world past begins to haunt her when a strange video pops up on her YouTube account. Others soon follow, bringing back vivid memories of her older brother’s grisly death and forcing Ashes to relive over and over again a nightmare scene she witnessed first-hand. Are they messages from her dead brother, asking her to uncover dark family secrets some people want to keep hidden? And what happens when Ashes finally starts to understand the meaning behind the messages? That’s the chilling secret behind Pictures of You.

Praise for Pictures of You


This just in: Pictures of You was just selected as a B.R.A.G. Medallion nominee!  According to BRAG, “This tells a reader this book is well worth their time and money!”

“You don’t have to dig for long to discover a real heart and soul that helps carry this work high above many of its contemporaries. This novel – presented in diary format – is written with a kind of brevity and care that you’ll go a long way to find again…a solid and inviting tale” Five Star Reviews

“T.J. Alexian is a brilliant writer with his own special style that is both interesting and unique. It is a well written suspense story that draws you into the characters and makes it very hard to put the book down. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would recommend it to all the readers even if they are not into mystery and suspense.” G. Patel

“Pictures Of You is a great book. I loved all the characters, but especially Ashes. I love the way she was written and at times I almost had to remind myself she’s a fictional character…each chapter leaves you wanting more and leaves you more and more curious. This is the kind of book you will definitely read in one sitting!” M. Burke

“Written in clear, clean prose, Pictures of You is the story of young Ashes, a teenage girl trying her best to keep life on solid ground after the tragic death of her older brother and the subsequent dissolution of her mother’s marriage. Ashes, who finds solace in producing a video blog, one day comes across a You Tube video that seems to have been posted by Daniel, her brother, well after his death. And so starts the weaving of the story — and untangling of the mystery. Who posted the videos (there end up being several)? When were they made — and by whom? Is Daniel “haunting” his sister? Is this his way of letting her know there was more to his death than she ever imagined? The story kept me guessing until the very end, and T.J. Alexian really captures the voice of his young protagonist, making you care for her right from the first page.” A. Cristofaro

“I’m not exactly a fan of YA books, but I really liked this one. It kept me turning the pages quickly to find out how the story unfolds. There are some obvious clues to this mystery thriller, but the main character, Ashes, is strong-willed and well-written. Having experienced the death of a loved one myself, I can clearly empathize with her character and the author got it right in depicting grief, that monstrous, inescapable pain of trying to move on from the loss, but without forgetting the one who had passed on to another life. It is a fast read, with the story moving tightly to the end. This is perfect for summer reading, despite its dark themes. I look forward to further writings of the author and it would be interesting to expand the book and develop the story further.” Dan the Indie Author

“The young adult section of bookstores has no shortage of beautiful female narrators who must decide between two overly perfect boys. Ashes, the troubled teenage soul narrating “Pictures of You”, is a different representation of the young adult demographic. She is a geek who is always uploading to youtube and is familiar with all of the pop culture fads. Unlike most nerdy protagonists, Ashes is not an absurd genius, undiscovered hottie, and/or intense introvert. She is a realistic 16-year-old dealing with the tragedy and mystery of her brother’s death.
Mystery novels are dying out and being overtaken by supernatural romances and dystopian novels. This mystery novel is refreshing in the sense that it offers the teen-fiction section something new and something that it rarely sees. “Pictures of You” keeps the reader guessing (as any good mystery ought to) without too obvious foreshadowing and without being too far-fetched. All too often, writers do not add in a specific detail tying up the mystery until it is too late.” Kenzie

“Praise to TJ Alexian on this multi-faceted story that kept me up many nights wanting to read more. Very compelling and clever. I recommend it to those seeking a tale with twists, turns, and lots of depth. ” J. Downey 

“T.J.Alexian paints with words. I could see the action, I could visualize all the characters. And combine THAT with a great storyline that has heart which touches all and you get a winning story. It will engage your mind through the final chapter. I’d highly recommend this book to “young adults” of all ages. Something in it will connect with YOU.” S. Hamilton

“I just happened upon this little gem on Amazon and thought it sounded interesting, and I’m happy to say that I wasn’t disappointed. It was a short read that held my attention until the end. I really enjoyed the main character Ashes. I typically stick to the male POV because I’m not for the girl drama haha, and the author did a nice job of making a relatable YA girl character that didn’t drive me crazy! Kudos to HIM by the’s not often you happen upon a male author writing in the female POV, and he did it very well. I’m a female author who writes from the male pov quite often so it was interesting to see it turned around! I’ll keep my eyes open for more for this author.”  S. Kurth

“I feel this book would immediately hook young readers and was pleasantly surprised with the suspense it provides for the older reader. When I say suspense, I mean I had to take a break in places just to breathe. The dialogue is wonderful, especially between adults and teen protagonist, Ash. I love the way Alexian weaves Ash’s name within the story. Very well done T.J. I love mysteries and this one surprisingly didn’t give the “who” away, though the clues were definitely there. Pictures of You, is real page turner for young and older readers alike. I highly recommend this book.” B. Shoff

Additional reviews, including 30 with Five Stars 




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