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Now available: Late Night Show

Late Night Show-Profile

I am thrilled to announce that my latest book, Late Night Show, is now available on Kindle and paperback. This one is a bit edgier than my last novel, Pictures of You: it’s a techno-thriller with a voyeuristic “Rear Window” theme involving webcams, the dark underbelly of big soulless corporations, and a girl who just wants to be Queen on the Night, dammit. Check it out!


The camera may not lie, but it doesn’t tell the whole story, either.

That’s what Kami Corley learns one late night when she connects with a girl online named GoAskAlice–and receives in return a disturbing plea for help. Although Kami wishes for more excitement than the flat Midwest town she’s living in, she never wished for what happens next, as she witnesses Alice’s grisly on-camera murder. Without knowing her real name or even her location, Kami doesn’t know where to turn for help. As she uses the few clues she has to dig deeper into the crime, she finds herself caught in a web from which there is no escape—one that may lead to her own on-camera death, as well.

Will Kami live or die when she is thrust into the very heart of a secret organization known only as the GKS? Without warning, she’s become the one on the inside looking out—and very well may be the next one chosen to play the deadly midnight game known as the Late Night Show.

Get your copy on Kindle or paperback!